Nachimuthu Industrial Association (NIA)

Pollachi, a city associated with spirituality, harmony and innocence is located at the foothills of Valparai with the showers of Western Ghats. Widely known as 'Poorman's Ooty' is a place where outspoken souls reside. "Agriculture is the backbone of India" said Mahatma Gandhi. With farming as the main source of income, Agriculture is the soul of the city. Due to abundant farming came the name " PorulAatchi" (Trade Center) which on days to go became 'Pollachi'.

Such wonderous, civilized, cultivated, cultured, rural land is Pollachi. Smart work is better than hardwork goes a saying. The saying went well with Thiru.P.Nachimuthu Gounder with which he came out with a solution for people’s problem then- transportation. Ample production was fine; transportation was the hurdle which was overcome by Thiru. P. Nachimuthu Gounder, an ideal idea to use bullock carts to facilitate people. The limitations of bullock cart transportation prompted him to get into modernization and there came Anamalais Transport into existence. It is now known as ABT limited which explores every corner of the state.

The modernization of the transport by Thiru. P. Nachimuthu Gounder fueled a thought on the importance of technical education. A dream, vision was born. The dream was made true by Arutchelvar.Dr. N. Mahalingam - a name that is synonyms with Pollachi. Guided by his father's vision Nachimuthu Industrial Association Trust was sprouted out in the year 1956. The dream was budded out with the incorporation of Nachimuthu Polytechnic College in 1957 in which 120 rural students were made competent enough to work in modern technology.

It was a better understanding of the society's need of the hour that prompted/motivated Arutchelvar.Dr. N. Mahalingam to pioneer with technical education rather than starting a school.